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An open letter to Trent Reznor

Dear Trent,

It was an absolutely perfect summer night for a concert (you even said so yourself).  First at dusk and then under the stars, the music flowed graciously and passionately through carefully calibrated and perfectly tuned equipment in Holmdel, NJ last weekend (6/6).  While it may not have been the best concert I've been to (for the record, With Teeth was) but you know what?  Trent, you can never disappoint me.

While this low-key tour might seem anti-climactic to some, those of us who look at it from your perspective realize you just wanted to bring everything full-circle.  Everything right where it belongs.

It is quite apparent that you are SO over this whole touring thing anyway.  Not for lack of trying, but I'm sure it's more exhausting than it's worth on some nights, and you deserve some time off for good behavior.  After all, would people (specifically, a few whining super-fans) have preferred you to simply say goodbye via Twitter without one last chance to see you?

I'm sure you've contemplated it; Just going away; And I bet you wondered how we'd react... but [luckily] you decided to give us one final tour.  And we thank you for it. :)

You have given us so much more than music.  You gave us a genre.  You didn't just perform concerts, you engaged hundreds of thousands of fans through technologies that record companies haven't even heard of.  You whole-heartedly embraced the social networking experiment [with everything you had to offer] and you even gave us all your music, for free, to re-mix and listen to however we wanted.  We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.  While we may never fully understand you, we will definitely appreciate what you have begun.

At first I was sad, but now I applaud your decision in taking back your life. 
I can see how the bitter tail-end of the distribution (the lowest common denominator) of fans continue to get [further] under your skin.  These people are actually disappointed that they will never realize their own potential like you have; Moreover, due to their self-indulgent sense of entitlement, all they can do is lash out.  Meanwhile, the true fans appreciate how much of yourself you've managed to give us over the past 20 years.
You have finally reached the point where you are worn-out, sick and tired of giving so relentlessly to the very same insatiable community you have worked diligently to create [insert reference to irony]. 
As you defined and touched an entire generation, sorry, if at times you feel as though we have molested you in return. 

While, some idiots abhor you for being their false prophet, ranting on your forums and sending you cruel, disgusting hate mail.  Trent, don't let them get to you.  Eventually, they'll find someone else to go worship.

These types of people are just piss-poor at articulating [and directing] their anger properly.  It's easier for them to fixate on you (way bigger than themselves) rather than fixing their own lives.  They flame you for not living up to their god-like status; However, did you ever ask to be their golden calf?  Did you purposefully try to be The Giving Tree?  Regardless, their rejections must hurt you most of all, Trent. 

It's a 9.80665 m/s2 fall from grace.

Like mucous-coated fresh newborns, screaming to go back into the womb, these fans might fail to understand the essence of what NIN has given them. 

More than concerts, cds,
interviews, t-shirts, other artists, dvds, imagery, photos and mp3s... NIN has taken on the momentum of a movement.  As evidenced by your recent Webby award, Trent, you are just as relevant as ever, having created beautiful and inspiring music for 20 years.  *pat on the back*

And fuck Apple and the music industry for not getting that there's more to music than selling songs.  If the 2 guys with "illegal" servers in Iceland have a better distribution model to do what it takes thousands of greedy industry assholes, I hope they all go bankrupt. 

Trent, over and over again your genius has been obstructed by bureaucracies and idiots, who will never fully understand it.  Betrayed by those closest to you and underappreciated by self-proclaiming fans, nobody but you can possibly know how draining it all must be.  The fact that you can channel all that noise into such creative, original and emotional music just further credits you as an artist [well beyond a musician].  It's only natural that your fans will always continue asking way too much from you.     

I was 13 when I got my first Nine Inch Nails cd: The Downward Spiral.  My parents refused to buy it for me, so I stole it from someone.  I had to, you were the voice inside my head.

Just remember, we are all outsiders in your world.  Ranting, praising, observing, craving, inundating, harassing, lusting, fighting, screaming, moshing, wanting SO BADLY to get in your head...  Trent, it's only because we love you.

Thank you, for doing what you set out to do--you have truly created something way bigger than yourself. 

Trent Reznor ftw!

<3 Polina
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