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la la la la la

so in essence, i finally found what i was looking for all along. in a little over 2 weeks, it will be the one year aniversary of my relationship with mike. i just finished looking over my past livejournal entries a few minutes ago. like will said, its strange to see the past few years of your life under review and realize how consistently cynical and pessimistic you've been. but i guess thats just part of being a teenager and growing up. and maybe i had a few good things to say over the years in between all the bitching and ranting i've done. looking over it all makes me realize even more now that mike was what i was looking for along. its especially cool that i get to have my cake and eat it too (*wink*).

college is going ok this semester. right now i should be studying for either of my two exams i have tomorrow, but livejournal always did act as a good tool of procrastination. lets see who still checks my livejournal. if you are reading this, i ask you to prove your existance to me and do the following (pretty pretty please?).

reply to this post and fill in the blanks:
i ____ polina.
polina is ____.
if i were alone in a room with polina, i would ____.
i think polina should ____.
polina needs ____.
polina will ____.
i want to ____ polina.
when i think about polina, i ____.
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