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17 October
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i logged in and realized that i'm not a teenager anymore.
adrenaline highs, afi, agnosticism, aim, alcohol, aldous huxley, all-nighters, angelina jolie, angst, animal sex, anti flag, anti-microsoft propaganda, anti-teen pop propaganda, aol suing microsoft, beaches, beer, being lazy, black and white photography, black flag, bob (my computer), books, boredom, boxers, brit accents, camel lights, carpe diem--seize the day, cell phones, cigarettes, coding, complaining, computer games, computers, corona, crash team racing, crying, cyber drinking, dead batteries, dead kennedys, douglas adams, downloading shit, driving, dropkick murphys, extremes, flash, fruity loops, gatorade frost, george orwell, getting weird looks, goats, good movies, green day, green hair, green party, h2o, hbo, hot dogs, hot tubs, impressing people, indy films, jack off jill, jello, jello biafra, kids in the hall, laughing, linux, listing loads of interests, little dogs, loaded-with-pulp orange juice, lollipops, long hot showers, making people laugh--at me, mickey mouse fruity peel-outs, mindless self indulgence, money, mostly anti-mainstream anything, music, mystery science theater, nakedness, new york, non-conformism, op ivy, partys, penguins, pennywise, pixie stix, playstation, polydactyl dwarfs, prodigy, punching walls, punk rock, purple, quentin tarantino, quesadillas, rancid, recess peanutbutter puffs, red hair, red koolaid, remarks that offend people, rise of rome, sarcasm, saves the day, science fiction, screaming, sex, shop lifting, sitting around naked, skinny-dipping, slackware, smashing pumpkins, smiling, smurfs, snowboarding, sock puppets named ollie, spikey hair, sponge bob square pants, stanley kubrik, strawberries, sushi, swimming, talking, tanning, techno, tennis, the pixies, the ultimate hitchhiker's guide, tony hawk, traveling, unwritten law, victoria's secret, video games, vodka, wasting time, web design, webcams, websites, weezer, william blake, winamp, writing, writing bad poetry, writing even worse poetry