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sorry in advance for being over-dramatic

putting it all on the line again feels a lot like free-fall... in a good way?

some days thoughts of you send me into a spiral of self-doubt.  is this it?  am i settling again?  am i ready for this again?  please stop disappointing me.  why can't you be as perfect as you first appeared (by the way i am smart enough to understand the unrealistic implications of this statement).

some days you occupy my mind to a point where i cannot concentrate on anything, and everything else is pointless.  you make the rest of my daily routines seem like uninvited distractions.  am i addicted to your smile, your warm embrace or the hours we can spend discussing nothing and everything?  all i know is that i need you like i've never needed anything--and that thought scares a part of me.

i never know what type of day today or tomorrow will be, but a big part of me knows that we can make it; it's not going to be easy. 

tell me this: why is it that every time one of us acts like a die-hard romantic, the other one is sure to snap them right out of their delusions? 

yes, we can help each other grow in a lot of ways, but that’s not the biggest thing we stand to gain here.  we have the capacity to make up the rules as we go towards building something that most people will never even comprehend.  sometimes i just need you to hold me and tell me that tomorrow will be a good day.  because when you look at me with your lovable green eyes and say those words, i trust your judgment better than my own.  and i hope i always will.

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