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computer science: when you go through a listing of courses in your desired major and you have trouble picking out four classes that you WANT to take as electives, it is time to re-valuate your major. when people in your class are making voodoo dolls of your proffessor, its time to consider a change in majors. when the only thing between full-cedit and a zero is one tiny mistake (welcome to no partial credit) it is time to change majors. if you care enough about my acedemic life to want to know about my new choice, IM me.

my car: let me draw a picture. its 1pm, im going down route 18 at 50mph(speed limit 55). as i go around a bend in the road--visability sucky due to a half-assed bridge type thing--i notice that less than 100ft in front of me is stand-still traffic due to construction. as i come to a screaching stop i get rear-ended by someone in a very similar situation to my own. her car hits my back bumper at 40mph (her account of the speed to the cop) and manages to wedge itself underneath my back left tire as she sends my car underneath the back of a tractor-trailer.
i stand with her and the driver of the tractor-trailer in the rain on the side of rt18 waiting for 45min until the new brunswick police show up. the cop on duty: resentful due to the fact that he had been called to the scene 5min prior to his lunch break. he wont let me go into my car to get my stuff because the car is suspended up in the air by the red car that hit me. i stand in a t-shirt in the cold rain waiting for the tow trucks.
the cop asks me what happend and the best i can come up with is "im not sure, it all happend really fast, i was trying to stop, i hit a truck, she hit me, it all happend really fast." (as im shivering). the tractor-trailer driver goes to his truck and brings me back a jacket. mike shows up and gives me a hug.
mike starts taking digital pictures of the accident and the bitter cop says "who the fuck is this guy, national enquirer?"
the cop gets me and the other girl into his backseat. both front seats are pushed all the way back and theres crap all over the back seat making it practically impossible for me and her to sit there. he starts questioning us again about what happend as he fills out the police report. i tell him that she hit me and sent my car into the truck. he tells me that hes going to write down that i hit the truck first. i argue with him and tell him that that's not what happend... the other girl says nothing. he tells me i dont seem sure enough of what happend and hes just going on what he thinks happend.
i call up the new brunswick police to tell them that i dont want the police report filed improperly because it means that my insurance will probably drop me. they tell me that i need to dispute it AFTER they finish filing it--3/4 business days.

when a friendship breaks: when you try to put it back together, you can only pick up so many pieces. the more times it breaks, the more pieces you lose. eventually what you're left with are a bunch of pieces that you couldnt put back together no matter how hard you tried.
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